The Three C’s of Pool Care

School Summary:

If you have decided to manage your pool’s maintenance, there are a few things to master, such as the three C’s of pool care:circulation, cleaning, and chemistry.

New pool ownership is not only exciting, but also a unique learning experience. The beautiful pool in your backyard needs extra care to maintain that inviting blue sparkle and to keep your family and friends safe and healthy while swimming. If you have decided to manage your pool’s maintenance, there are a few things to master, such as the three C’s of pool care: circulation, cleaning, and chemistry.

Circulation – Achieve Constant Movement

Just as your circulatory system pumps blood throughout your body, carrying oxygen and nutrients to your cells, your pool water needs constant movement, so it remains healthy. Stagnant pool water will result in a buildup of debris and dirt, which can cause damage to your pool and equipment and make your pool unsafe for swimmers.

A good rule of thumb for circulation is the longer it runs, the better it is. With today’s high-tech variable speed pumps, longer run times at slower speeds will actually give better filtration at a huge energy savings. At a minimum run your pump so that the volume of your pool turns over twice a day. In a 10,000 gallon pool, you would want your system to run 20,000 gallons through the filter daily. We can help you “do the math” to make sure your system runs at the correct times.

Cleaning – Protect Your Pool and Swimmers

To ensure water safety, a clean swimming environment, and increase protection to your pool and equipment, you need to ensure that your pool is sparkling and bright. Too many contaminants in the pool and drains can cause your pool motor and other equipment to fail. To continue to have a beautiful blue pool, you need to vacuum and brush the pool regularly to clear any algae and bacteria growth. It may take some time to upkeep your pool, but keeping it well-maintained is essential to having happy and healthy swimmers!

Chemistry – Strike a Delicate Balance

One of the most critical factors in keeping your pool clean, safe, and bacteria-free is to make sure to keep the chemistry balanced. Whether you use a full test kit, or simply use strips to test to make sure the pool is balanced, regular chemical testing is a vital balancing act because it checks pool water quality and helps you determine correct treatments.

Using smaller amounts of pool chemicals more often is better because it will be easier to keep your pool chemistry balanced. When pool chemical levels are off, problems arise like foaming, cloudy water, and algae. High combined chlorine, pH that is too high or low, and other chemistry issues are the culprits behind red eyes, skin irritations, and pool surface problems like scale. Do your pool (and your family) a favor, and get in the habit of testing your water regularly.

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