Pool Stop Design Process

Pool Design Process

Building a custom swimming pool is an exciting process to be a part of, and with Pool Stop, the possibilities are endless when designing your future pool. As with any large-scale project, however, there is a good amount of work and preparation that goes into designing a custom pool. Fortunately, our team at Pool Stop is here with you every step of the way, and our design expertise will ensure that your custom pool will be made exactly to your liking. Let’s learn more about our 6-step process for designing custom swimming pools.


The first step towards designing your dream pool begins with what we call the Discovery step. In this part of the design process, you will meet with one of our Pool Stop professionals in our Design Center to brainstorm ideas for your custom pool. Even if you aren’t sure where to begin, the Discovery step will help you conceptualize the features that can be added to your backyard based on the amount of space you have and your available budget.

Before Your Visit

The Pool Stop Design Center serves as your one-stop shop for creating your dream pool, from concept to reality. But first, we need to get a little bit of information from you about your project. A survey will be sent to your inbox, which contains simple questions about your personal information, the type of pool and features you want, an estimated budget, and how soon you can visit our Design Center. Or if you prefer, you can complete our survey in our Rockwall-based store to get some additional help from our designers. The answers you provide will help give our design consultants a basic understanding of the direction you want to take your backyard upgrade.


Beginning the Virtual Design Process

Once we’ve analyzed your survey, it’s time to begin the design process. We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art pool design process, which does not involve the traditional house visits that often take hours to complete. Instead, our designer will ask for your home address, and use satellite images of your backyard. They will begin creating a visual rough draft of what your future pool will look like in your outdoor space. Our powerful augmented reality software allows us to create virtual images of different pool shapes so you can decide which design you like the most. Other pool builders in the area still use the archaic method of spending hours at your house drawing rough sketches of what your pool would look like. But with our quick and easy visualization process, you can get a more accurate picture of how the space in your backyard can be utilized without the hassle of a house visit

Evaluating Your Budget

As your pool designer helps you brainstorm your backyard pool, they will also discuss your available budget. Having a predetermined budget in mind will help our designers understand how much you’re willing to spend on your future pool. We accept payments up front, but Pool Stop also offers financing for qualified homeowners who build their backyard pools with us. Whether your budget is big or small, we’re committed to helping you make the most of your backyard and budget to create a relaxing oasis in your outdoor living space.

The Discovery step marks the beginning of your pool construction journey with us, and it’s an exciting process to be a part of. Now that we have some preliminary information about what you want your future pool to look like, we can move on to Step 2.


During the Discovery step, our designers collect basic information from you about the type of pool you want and what your budget looks like. After this, we will begin the next step, which we call Creative Environments. This is part of your pool design journey where you get to interact with virtual renderings of several different pool shapes in your own backyard in our Design Center. All the details you shared with our designers in the Discovery step are used by our team of designers to create these renderings, which you will now have an opportunity to view in depth. Our Design Center features a display room with a large-screen TV showing a slideshow of the pool configurations created by our team.


About Our Display Room

Building a custom pool in your backyard can be a big decision, so we strive to make you as comfortable as possible while looking at your virtual pool renderings. Our guests can spend as much time as they need in our Display Room to check out the designs that we’ve created. On average, customers spend about an hour in our display room, but we give you the freedom to take as much or as little time as you need to narrow down your choice.

Add Customization to Your Rendering

If you’re interested in seeing what outdoor living features such as spas and patios would look like in your backyard, all you have to do is ask our associates and they will quickly add those features to the renderings. If you’re not sure what types of backyard living features you need, no need to worry; our design team can ask you questions about the activities you often do in your backyard and recommend features based on your answers.

Pricing and Warranty Information

When setting out to create our entirely in-store pool design experience, we wanted to be transparent about every detail of your future pool. This is why we include pricing estimates with every pool design that we render. These price ranges will inform you of the estimated cost of building the pool shapes that you selected in the Discovery step. Plus, every pool we construct is backed by our class-leading warranty, which not only covers the pool itself, but other components such as pool cleaners, chlorinators, heaters, and many more. Many of our competitors are often reluctant to share pricing details with their potential customers during the early consulting phase and they do not offer warranties on their pools. At Pool Stop, our team is committed to keeping you in the know throughout the entire pool building process, and we will never shy away from providing you useful estimates of our construction costs and giving you our best-in-class warranty.

Now that you’ve had the time to evaluate your pool design options, it’s time to narrow down your choices to a handful of our curated designs. Our designers will work alongside you in determining which pool designs would suit your outdoor living space best. Once you have made your decisions, we can move on to the third step of our pool design process.

Step 3: Selections


The Creative Environments step introduced you to our Display Room, where you discovered inspiring ideas from our previous pool designs. After selecting your pool shape and additional features such as spas and patios, we can begin the Selections step. With your design selected, we can begin deciding on the specific elements that will give your pool build character.

We begin the Selections step by briefing you on the benefits of the different swimming pool design elements you have available to you, including pool plaster, coping, and tiling. Each of these options allows you to customize your pool to your liking while making it a safer and more enjoyable place to be. Our goal is to help you select the options that best fit the needs of your swimming pool installation while also staying true to your initial design. Your pool shape selection, desired features, personal budget, and design style are taken into consideration in the ‘Selections’ step, and our team is here to help you make an informed decision.

Choose Your Pool Plaster

Pool plaster is the seal and coating that covers and protects the inside of your custom pool. This material mainly serves to give your pool a durable coating to prevent water from leaking, but it can also be customized with different colors and patterns. For example, we offer a variety of dyed plasters, but if you want to add a more luxurious touch to your custom pool, we also have quartz and pebbled finishes. Regardless of which pool plaster option you choose, we can guarantee that these finishes add a lifetime of durability to your pool project so you can enjoy your custom pool for years to come.

Select A Pool Coping Option

Choosing your custom pool’s coping is another important step in the Selections step. There are several things to consider when selecting your pool coping that go beyond its look and feel. For example, the texture of the pool coping you select will affect how easy it is to walk around your pool when it’s wet, as different coping options have differing levels of slip resistance. Other things to consider when selecting your pool’s coping include how well the coping absorbs heat and how easy it is to clean among other things. But most of all, choosing the right pool coping can add a decorative touch around the outside edges of your pool that helps it stand out in your backyard.

Browse Our Pool Decking and Tiling Options

Once your plaster and coping are selected, it’s time to start thinking about choosing your pool decking and tiling. During this step, we’ll recommend choosing a pool tile that either matches or compliments your current coping selection. As with the plaster and coping selections, each swimming pool tile option has different features and benefits. At Pool Stop, we have over 150 pool decking and tiling samples for you to choose from, so no matter how you want your custom pool to look, we can help you create the perfect swimming pool right here in our Design Center.

Now that we’ve decided on the more detailed features of your pool build, it’s time to bring it all to life. The fourth step in the pool design process is to meet with our design team and create a 3D rendering of the swimming pool design you have put together.


Beginning Your 3D Pool Design

After your design options are selected for your swimming pool installation, it’s time to lock in your design. During this phase, you will see your vision come to life with a 3D rendering of your pool design right in your backyard. One advantage of our 3D pool design process is that your rendering is truly unique to you. After getting your home address, we’ll create a real-time 3D rendering of your home’s backyard and then insert your pool design, including all of your desired pool features. With this process, you’ll get to see exactly how your design fits, looks, and feels once it is installed, giving you the opportunity to visualize exactly what you’ve designed.


Why Do We Provide 3D Renderings?

At Pool Stop, we use 3D design technology to make visualizing your pool project easier. If you plan your project with other pool builders, they will usually require a half to full-day appointment at your home to create a sketch of your future pool based on your design input. This can be a tedious approach to pool design, as simple hand-drawn sketches cannot accurately represent the complete scope of your pool project. Using 3D pool design technology, our team can create renderings of what your exact pool design would look like in your own backyard, which gives you a more accurate picture of what your completed project will look like.

Stay Involved With Builder Trend

After the final design of your custom swimming pool is confirmed, our pool designer will begin to explain the construction process and introduce you to Builder Trend. Builder Trend is our project management tool that we use to display important information to our clients. We use this tool to keep track of our progress on your pool build by uploading project updates and photos to the platform. Also, Builder Trend  allows for a clear line of communication with our pool construction team. That way, if you have any questions, concerns, or requests for your pool project, our team can quickly respond to your questions.

Now that you have finalized your pool design and the selections that go with it, your next step will be to grab the right tools to maintain it. In the Equipment and Warranty step of our pool design process, we will make sure you have the proper equipment and safety to maintain your swimming pool and keep it swim-ready.

Step 5: Equipment and Warranty


We’re getting closer to finalizing your custom pool design! The next step is to guide you in choosing equipment for your pool. Our Rockwall, Texas store offers a variety of highly sophisticated products to make enjoying your pool easier. A custom swimming pool is a nice luxury to have, but it requires maintenance to keep it in good condition. To help make your ownership experience a little easier, we offer advanced equipment that can make maintaining your pool less of a chore. Let’s learn about some of the equipment that we recommend taking a look at:


Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner

One of the most high-tech pool cleaners on the market, the Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner has several advanced features that help it stand apart from other pool cleaners. The Dolphin has an innovative design that allows it to climb your pool’s walls and ledges with ease, which ensures that every square inch of your pool is nice and clean by the end of the day.


MasterTemp High-Performance Heaters

A MasterTemp heater allows you to enjoy your pool longer in spring and fall, and combined with automated pool controls allows you to change the pool temperature remotely via phone.


IntelliConnect Pool Control

IntelliConnect is one of the most advanced pool monitoring systems available. This smart tool allows you to have effortless control over your pool’s filtration, lights, sanitation systems, and more. Plus, it features built-in logic control to consistently monitor the condition of your pool even while you’re away. With this system, it can be much easier to keep up with your pool’s maintenance procedures.


Before bringing your dream pool to life, the final step is to discuss your contract and financing options. Funding is often the primary reason why people don’t move forward with purchasing a pool, as they may not consider other options besides paying the full amount upfront. Here at Pool Stop, we offer five different financing options. While in our Rockwall store, we can provide you with an explanation of how each option would work with your pool build:

Two things to think about are: prices will vary under banks and loans can impact the timeline of your pool build. However, Pool Stop stands out among other Dallas pool constructors with an average build time of 6-8 weeks from excavation. In our 20 years of business, we’re proud to have consistently finished our clients’ projects ahead of schedule. This means you can trust Pool Stop for reliable, efficient pool construction no matter what type of pool project you have in mind. Contact us today to get started, or view our showroom to see some of our work!


Learn more about your pool building options, features you might want to add and begin designing your dream pool.