Is My New Inground Pool Covered Under Warranty?

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Thinking about building a luxury swimming pool to show off to all of your friends and family, but not sure how to choose the best company to do so?

Thinking about building a luxury swimming pool to show off to all of your friends and family, but not sure how to choose the best company to do so? Already have a pool constructed by us but something needs repairing or replacing? You’ve come to the right place! Pool Stop is the #1 builder in DFW and surrounding areas.

We want to ensure that our customers are not only satisfied with our work, but can confidently choose us to make their dream pool come to fruition. We want our customers to be comfortable and confident with their decision of choosing to work with Pool Stop. Therefore, we have an extensive warranty program that covers numerous issues that may arise with maintaining a pool that you can enjoy. Whether you’re looking to add a small pool to cool off in the summer, or the luxury pool of your dreams, we’re here to help.

Why Are Warranties Important for My Pool?

A warranty program provides additional features, benefits, and repairs. Pool Stop uses it as a “protection tool” for our customers so they feel confident in their decision of choosing us. For any products that fail to perform adequately or issues that arise with your pool, we’re sure we’ve got you covered in our warranty program.  

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What Does Pool Stop’s Warranty Cover?

Our industry-leading Pool and Equipment Warranty program covers:

  • Pool Plumbing: three years from your startup, both above and underground plumbing is warranted.
  • Pool Equipment: three years from your startup, pool lights are covered in the warranty program.
  • Automatic Pool Cleaners: excluding filters and other wear items, pool cleaners are offered two years from your startup.
  • Tile and Coping: mortar and grout are included three years from your startup.
  • Mastic: this waterproof adhesive can be repaired or replaced once in three years from your startup.
  • Electrical Work: we will repair or replace any circuits we installed (including breakers and outlets) five years after your startup.
  • White Plaster: repairs or replacements on this mixture of white Portland cement, limestone sand, and water that protects against delamination of your pool can be completed five years from your startup.
  • Upgraded Plaster: repairs or replacements on an alternative to traditional white plaster that is more durable can be completed ten years from your startup.
  • Gunite Shell: this concrete shell of your pool protects it from cracks and losing water and has a lifetime warranty.

Why is Pool Stop’s Warranty Program Better than Others?

Not sure if your pool needs a quick fix or professional help? We offer Pool School for tips, FAQs, and more! This way, the information you may be looking for is easily accessible. We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and we are confident that our program offers you the best coverage you could ask for. With our long-term experience and dedication, we work to please, and it shows. You can read several positive reviews from our loyal customers on our social media platforms if you are looking for some guidance.

For more information on our warranty program or to submit a warranty request on your pool, visit our page.

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