How Is a Swimming Pool Constructed?

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Here are a few basic pointers on how a swimming pool is constructed. As you’ll find, there’s much more to it than it might seem at first glance.

You’ve thought about building that new pool for years. You’ve done your research on design, options, and layout. Now, it’s time to watch your dreams become a reality as your pool construction is finally about to start. Though you’ve probably learned a lot about the various pool design options that are available and pool prices, chances are you don’t know too much about the actual pool construction process. Here are a few basic pointers on how a swimming pool is constructed. As you’ll find, there’s much more to it than it might seem at first glance.

The Initial Dig: Pool Excavation

As you might guess, the pool construction begins with a dig in your backyard. This can be fun to watch for kids and adults alike, but remember that you will watch your backyard turn into a giant construction site. Remember that heavy equipment and relatively dangerous conditions may be present; we ask that you keep kids and pets a safe distance away from the site. Though things might look a little bit messy at first, soon you’ll begin to see the general outline of your new pool.

Pool Steel Placement and Stub Plumbing

Once the hole is in the ground, the next step consists of framing out the shape of your new pool. In order to provide a strong structure, steel rebar is placed in the hole to support the gunite. Once complete, you should see a structure similar to a metal cage in your backyard.

Next comes the beginning of your pool’s new plumbing. This part of the process is referred to as “stubbing out,” which means the first section of pipes is positioned for gunite installation.

Gunite, Tile, and Coping

During this part of the process, your pool will start to look like an actual pool. Gunite, which is a form of concrete shot through a large nozzle, will be installed into the pool shape and molded by hand. After this layer cures, it’s time to move on to pool tiling and coping. In this phase, coping is used to cover pool walls, while the tile will be installed at the waterline.

Plumbing Finish and Gas

Once your pool is constructed, it’s time to make it fully functional with the finishing of the plumbing, electric, and gas. Plumbers will come in and install the pool filter and pump and connect it all up to the stub plumbing. Gas will be connected if your pool is heated or has any fire features.

Deck Installation and Clean Up

The decking area is installed according to your plans, and a construction-grade cleanup will remove trash and construction debris from the site. We will also perform a “Punch List” meeting to go over any items that need to be completed before plaster.

Plaster Day and Start-Up

The highly skilled contractors will apply the plaster to the pool, and almost immediately begin filling it with water — once it’s full, we return and balance the water, start up the equipment, and make sure the pool is operating as intended. Please make a note that even though it is SO CLOSE, it’s important to stay out of the water until the final water balance is completed.

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