The Pool Stop “Algae Free Program” – just 4 steps

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After your pool is algae free you will fill out the form below to get started. Next complete the 4 steps outlined below. It really is that easy

We guarantee your pool not to go green…. if it does, we give you the chemicals to fix it for free.

Any pool can be enrolled on the Algae-Free Guarantee Program. Before you get on the program your pool must first be 100% free of algae. If it’s not, bring in a sample of your pool water and we will let you know how to get it there. After your pool is algae free you will fill out the form below to get started. Next complete the 4 steps outlined below. It really is that easy

Step 1 – Follow Our System

Bring in a sample of your pool water. Sign up for the algae free program at the test station. Next we test your water and give you a print out of the specific chemicals and amounts needed to keep your pool algae free. Purchase the chemicals, add them as prescribed and you’ve just completed with step one of the algae free guarantee.

Many pool owners do not fully comprehend the importance of constant and consistent water maintenance. Adding product when the pool needs it, not just when it’s convenient, is imperative to achieving not just an algae-free pool, but also a problem-free pool.

  1. Sanitize – Keep a free available chlorine (FAC) between 1.0-3.0 ppm at all times. The ideal method for delivering FAC is to use BioGuard Silk Smart Sticks fed through the pool’s surface skimmer. When applied according to label directions, they slowly dissolve and provide a constant and consistent level of FAC in the pool for the whole week.
  2. Weekly Shock -T his will remove contaminants that are introduced through swimmers and the environment. A weekly shock oxidizes contaminants and leaves water sparkling and clear.
  3. Preventative Algaecide – Adding once a week will stop algae in its tracks before it even becomes a visible problem.

Step 2 – Adjust your pump

Water needs to move to stay perfectly balanced. Adjust your pump to run 10 to 12 hrs per day. You’ve just completed Step 2.

Poor filtration and/or inadequate circulation cause more problems every year than pool chemistry. Regardless of your preference 10-12 hours during the daylight hours should be viewed as the minimum time for circulation and filtration. Routine cleaning of the skimmer basket, pump hair & lint basket, and routine cleaning of the filter media (sand, cartridge, DE) is an essential part of this requirement.

The life span of any filter media will increases dramatically when routine cleaning, and result in hundreds of dollars saved on replacement media and/or the problems that result from poor or inadequate filtration.

If the pool routinely develops an oily waterline, it is safe to assume that the filter must be chemically cleaned to remove the oils inside the filter. The average chlorine-treated pool should chemically clean the filter with BioGuard’s “Kleen it” every six months during the swimming season AND once prior to the winter months.

Step 3 – Bring in a sample

Test your water every 30 days. After signing up for the program we will text or email you reminders. Bring in your water sample an we will place it in our Bioguard Accu-scan system. The test will give us a detail view of the chemicals you’ll need to add when you get home.

Properly balanced water not only saves money, but allows you to monitor water quality issues that could otherwise cause substantial damage to the pool’s surface and equipment.

By using our ALEX Water Analysis software, we can perform comprehensive testing to easily and effectively monitor your pool’s water quality. ALEX can store an unlimited number of water analysis for later reference.

It is best to bring in a water sample prior to any chemical treatment and most efficient recommendations. All Algae-Free Guarantee participants are give n a Water Sample bottle and instructions on how to obtain the best sample of water for testing.

Make sure the sample is taken in an area of the pool that is away from a return jet and that is taken from at least 18” below the surface of the water. Ideally, the sample should be taken at the same time each day and from the same location.

Please have water tested no more than 2 hours after collecting the sample, and keep it as close to room temperature as possible

Step 4 – Add “Optimizer” to the mix

Optimizer is the secret. It does exactly that, it “OPTIMIZES” allowing each chemical to work at 100%. Our water techs will tell you exactly how much to add and when. Keep your pool optimized and you’re done. Step 4 complete.

Optimizer Plus provides enhanced clarity and water comfort and is also an EPA registered algae suppressant.

Optimizer Plus suppresses the growth of algae by inhibiting the algae’s ability to metabolize carbon dioxide. You will find that problem pools that routinely experience algae growth in July will now be remarkably clear and algae-free.

The water is given its’s fantastic clarity and brilliance due to the fact that Optimizer Plus increases the solubility of calcium, a primary contributor to water cloudiness. The water will become so comfortably clear that swimmers will no longer complain of irritated eyes or itchy skin. The softened feel of the water is a result of the mineral conditioning.

Optimizer Plus is added to fresh pool water once, only needing to be re-added if a large amount of water is splashed out or drained from the pool.

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