Standard Pool Timer Problems

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If your timer is not working properly, here are some steps you can take to check it out yourself.

Common problems and issues with standard pool timers.

Even something as simple as a standard timeclock can have problems from time to time. In this article, we cover some of the most common problems that arise with standard timeclocks, along with recommended solutions. If your timer is not working properly, here are some steps you can take to check it out yourself.


Do you have power to the timer?

  • This sounds like a simple question, but you would be amazed at how often we go out to check out a pump or timer and the power is simply off.  Save yourself the cost by checking your breaker and main switch.

The only way to know for certain that your power supply to the timer is good, is to test it with a multi-meter, but this requires a certain amount of advanced technical skill.

Can you flip the pump on and off using the manual lever?

  • If so, check the timer tabs and make sure they are secured in place.  Also make sure the time of day is set correctly on the dial.  You can also look through the inspection port on the timer mechanism to see if the gears are moving. If not, there is a bad timer motor and it is best to replace the complete mechanism.

If you have power to the timer and the tabs are in place and it is still not working, then it is time to call in a pool professional who will verify the problem and recommend a solution, usually replacing the timer mechanism.


Does the freeze protection have it turned on?

  • If the freeze protection has kicked in, then it will bypass the timer and you will not be able to turn the pump off with the timer mechanism.  You can still turn it off with the master switch, but we do not recommend it unless absolutely necessary and for only a short time.

If the temperature is not freezing and the timer will not turn the pump off, then you either have a malfunctioning timer mechanism (welded contacts) or a malfunctioning freeze protector that thinks it is freezing weather when it is actually not.

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