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We’ll help you with all the details to get it started off right. By following our guide with these three main steps, you’ll have the keys to ensure a simplified and successful start to the swim season!

3 Steps you need to know to get your pool ready for spring

Getting your pool ready for spring can be done in three easy steps. It’s one of the most important things you can do for your pool this season, and will extend the life of your pool and components, and protect the swimmers that will be using it. It may seem intimidating to open your pool for the season but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll help you with all the details to get it started off right. By following our guide with these three main steps, you’ll have the keys to ensure a simplified and successful start to the swim season!


After a long winter, your pool may have its share of leaves, dirt, and debris in it. That’s normal, even for a covered pool-but it’s an algae bloom away from a headache! Here’s what to do:
If you have a cover, use a leaf blower to remove leaves around the immediate area to prevent them from blowing back in.
If you have a manual vacuum, vacuum the entire pool, including walls. If you don’t have a vacuum, brush the pool thoroughly to dislodge any debris or biofilm on the walls, floor, and steps. If your pool is equipped with valves to close off skimmers, do that so any debris is pulled into the main drain and filtered out. Brush with overlapping strokes and work towards the main drains.
Empty skimmer and pump baskets, and clean the baskets with a hose to dislodge any stems and other debris sticking in the baskets. Check to make sure the skimmer baskets stay in place with the pump off- they must be weighted so they don’t “float” and allow debris directly into the pump basket. Check the weir doors at the skimmer to make sure they float and do not get wedged in the “up” position.
Open the filter and clean according to manufacturer’s instructions


Although inspecting your equipment should be an ongoing effort, it’s especially important to do this at the beginning of the season, making sure everything is in proper working order. Be thorough in your inspection. For starters, check the pool pump, making sure it’s fully primed (no air bubbles in the pump pot), then start the pump and make sure water is flowing. Check your pressure gauge and note the starting pressure with a clean filter. Now look around the pump and the general area. Clear away leaves and other debris from around the equipment. Do you see any water leaks? Do you see any wet spots around the equipment pad? This step is important because a leaking pump might just mean the pump needs a new seal, but if it is not replaced, it can actually destroy the motor and/or pump. This is also a good opportunity to replace worn o-rings in the valves and pump lid.

Most of the basic inspections can easily be done by the pool owner but all pool equipment, including the heater, should be serviced professionally at least once a year.


Now you’re ready to balance the chemicals in the water. This step is a bit technical but is actually very simple when you have the right tools–and all the tools you’ll need for this are a water sample and chemicals. At Pool Stop we have a complimentary computerized water testing system that takes the headache and guessing out balancing your chemicals. Here’s how to get your water tested:
Come in and grab a free sample bottle- then go home and fill it with your pool water. If you can’t make it to our store to get a sample jar, you can bring your pool water sample in your own clean jar or bottle but be sure to bring at least 16 ounces to ensure the test can be completed accurately. It’s also important that your sample be no more than 2 hrs old- samples that are taken beyond that time frame may change enough to give an inaccurate test.

Once we have the water sample, we will put it through our “Bio Guard Computer Test Station”which will test the water properties and determine what chemicals need to be added, and precisely how much and when they need to be added.

We will print out your pool’s water report for you so that you’ll know exactly what chemicals you’ll need to pick up in store and what amounts you’ll need to add to your pool when you get home. Our staff of Pool Experts will walk you through this whole process, showing you how to read the report and helping you find the necessary chemicals and supplies you’ll need.
Congratulations–you’re off to a great start to a spectacular, stress free swim season!

At Pool Stop, we encourage pool owners to maintain their pools however it works for them, either on their own or with the help of our pool maintenance department. We offer both a regularly scheduled pool cleaning services for those who want us to maintain their pools at regular intervals and we also offer single services, like for spring start up, winterizing, or just a random cleaning during the season when the pool owner couldn’t get to it.

Get the swim season started right with Pool Stop. Happy Swimming!

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