Should I REPAIR or REPLACE My Pool Pump?

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When your pool pump stops operating, we will offer you different options for repairing or replacing you pump.

Sometimes it is better to replace your pump rather than throwing good money after bad.

When your pool pump stops operating, we will offer you different options for repairing or replacing you pump.


As pumps age, time and heat and UV rays take their toll on all the parts.

Within the first five years, you will probably need to replace a motor on the pump and maybe a few pump baskets or seals. It generally makes good sense to spend the money to repair it because the rest of the pump is still in good condition and has several good years left in it.

On a pump that is over five years old, you should be more careful about putting a lot of money into the pump. A small repair would still probably make sense, but if you have a repair item like a motor that costs over half the cost of the new pump, you need to think twice. If you replace the motor, then the pump body cracks and you replace it, then you have spent the entire cost of a new pump, but still have an old pump.


A 2.0 HP pool pump typically costs about $0.25/hour to operate. That comes up to about $750.00 per year.

A variable speed Jandy E-Pump costs on average $.035/hour to operate on a basic pool. This comes up to $150.00 per year if you run it 12 hours per day. The cost will rise slightly if you use the spa or water features.

The bottom line is that a variable speed Jandy E-Pump will probably save you at least $500.00 per year. Rather than put money into a pump that will cost you hundreds of dollars every year in energy costs and repairs, it makes more sense to invest in a pump that easily pays for itself in 2-3 years.


You can spend over $500 on a new pool pump motor and it comes with a one year warranty, and that warranty only covers the motor. If something else breaks, then you will have another repair bill to pay.

You can spend $850 – $900 on a complete new pump (installed) an it comes with a three year warranty which covers EVERYTHING (parts and labor) on that pump.

You can spend $1500 – $1600 on a variable speed Jandy E-Pump and it comes with a three year parts and labor warranty. The awesome thing about this pump is that before the warranty even runs out, this pump will have paid for itself in energy savings.

If you are considering a new pool pump. let one of our repair professionals come out and evaluate your pool needs and make recommendations tailored to your situation. We can show you your energy savings. If you have us install a Jandy E-Pump, we will also take the time to optimize your pool flow for the maximum energy savings. Call and set up your service appointment today

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