5 Habits That Will Make Your Pool Last a Lifetime

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If you’re not yet caring for your pool consistently, here are 5 daily habits that will make your pool last a lifetime.

We all have things we do every day, like brushing our teeth, taking a shower, and eating a few meals. Sure, we could survive for a time without staying consistent with these daily tasks, but we would suffer for it. To thrive, there are components of life that must be addressed and cared for. As is the case with most things we love, a little daily TLC for your swimming pool will keep it thriving, and not simply surviving. Maybe daily maintenance seems like a bit much, but we’re only talking about investing a few minutes a day running through some basics. If you’re not yet caring for your pool consistently, here are 5 daily habits that will make your pool last a lifetime.

Check the Water Level Everyday

A glance at the water level in your pool is a good everyday habit. If you’ve experienced heavy rain, you may notice the water level is too high. The problem with this is that the skimmer won’t be able to do its job properly. If the water level is too low, it could be natural causes like heat and evaporation, but it also could be a signal of a pool leak. Either way, keeping an eye on your water level will keep your pool functioning optimally.

Take a Glance at the Pump and Filter

Checking the gauge on your pump system will alert you to the water pressure. If your pump and filter are showing a high water pressure, it could mean there is a problem. Promptly addressing and rectifying issues with your equipment will save you money and hassle in the long run. A quick everyday glance at your filtration system is a good daily habit that will make your pool last.

Empty the Skimmer Baskets and Pump Trap

Take a quick peek every day at the skimmer and pump baskets, and be sure to empty them as you notice leaves and grass collecting. Any buildup in these areas will prevent water from properly circulating. Water circulation in a pool is important to keep water safe and algae growth to a minimum. Taking a few seconds to empty these components regularly will make your pool last longer with fewer problems. It will also save money on chemicals!

Clear the Surface Everyday

Spend a few minutes a day skimming the surface of the pool with a net. Removing the leaves and debris on the surface will keep them from settling and causing stains on the bottom of your pool, or clogging the skimmer and pump. A clean pool also maintains proper chemical levels more efficiently.

Test the Water Often

This one is at the bottom of the list because while this may not be an everyday job, it also very well could be during high pool traffic season. Ideally, water should be tested every day there are bathers in the water. If that’s 4 times a week, check your water 4 times a week. At the minimum, water should be tested once a week. Chemical levels in your water will keep your pool healthy, as well as keeping swimmers safe and comfortable.

Call Pool Stop for Assistance

If anything arises during your daily pool checks that seem out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We can have our trained technicians come to take a glance at things, and get your pool in the best shape! After the investment you made to build a pool, it is worth a few minutes a day to keep the pool in top shape. With Pool Stop at your side, we know that these 5 daily habits will make your pool last a lifetime!

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