What does it look like when they build a swimming pool?

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So what does it look like when they build a swimming pool? Pool Stop is here with all the answers you need.

Building a new pool is a thrilling experience – one filled with the joy of anticipation and the anxiety of the unknown. But when you work with a fantastic pool builder like Pool Stop, you can sort out exactly what things will look like. To put your mind at ease, it’s wonderful to know some of the steps that come when installing a new pool. So what does it look like when they build a swimming pool? Pool Stop is here with all the answers you need.

Permit Process and Pool Design

The first step in building your new pool is the approval and permitting process. You’ll work with your Pool Stop Designer to finalize the perfect project – approving your shape, style, color, coping, deck, and more.

After the planning stage is complete, we will file all the necessary paperwork with local utility companies, obtain engineering if required, and your local municipality for the permits needed for your project. This generally takes about a month but may be significantly longer. During this time, it’s a great idea to file any paperwork needed with your Homeowner’s Association, if applicable. You’ll want to check with them early on in the design process to see what approvals are needed on your end. We are unable to do this for you, but we are happy to provide the items they need to get you approved. Once your plans are approved by all parties required, we will schedule your excavation and communicate that date to you.

If you have an existing sprinkler system, please contact your sprinkler company to cap it as it will be damaged in the process; also, you may want to set aside a contained area if you have pets so they stay safe during the build. Your project manager will lay out the pool location and discuss access prior to excavation.


Your dig day is when all of your dreams start to become reality. Although your backyard may look like a pool construction site for the next few months, we assure you that the end result is more than worth it. At Pool Stop, we try to minimize the mess and disturbance to your life as much as we possibly can. We will put up a temporary fence, mark off and position your pool space, clear and scrape the site, and then start to dig.

Reinforcements and Plumbing

If you know anything about Texas soil, you know that you don’t want to build your beautiful new pool on a shifting foundation. With Pool Stop, we include several ways to reinforce your soil and foundation. This includes soil injections to keep the soil under your pool from expanding, as well as steel rebar that provides a firm foundation for the gunite. After this is completed, all of the first-stage plumbing and lighting will be run before the gunite is sprayed.

Spraying Gunite

Finally, the stage that you have been waiting for is here – the day that your pool starts to take shape. A crew of workers will be at your home to start spraying the gunite onto your pool form. These highly skilled workers spray this specialized concrete mixture and start forming it by hand to install your perfect pool. After this is complete, you will need to keep the gunite moist by spraying it with your garden hose at least two times a day for a week while it cures.

The Finishing Touches

Now it’s time to put all those finishing touches on your beautiful pool. Your coping and tile will be installed by our master craftsmen. Next, all plumbing and electrical will be completed, ensuring that your pool equipment, lighting, water or fire features, and plumbing all work flawlessly. Next, your deck will be installed and the waterproof seal between the coping and deck completed. After that is clean up, then we apply the plaster and start up the pool, perform final adjustments to help your plaster cure, and you’ll be ready to enjoy the space you’ve been dreaming of. Watch here to see a timelapse example of what the entire installation process looks like.

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