Pool & spa combo


Why should you add a spa to your pool build? Adding a spa to your custom swimming pool project means you can enjoy your backyard all year long. Your spa addition also creates an easy-going, muscle relaxing environment to decompress only steps away from your back porch. When you hire us at Pool Stop, you can count on our team of professional pool designers.


There are a variety of pool styles and shapes that we have to offer, and our spas are no different! Get an idea of what type of swimming pool spa combination you would enjoy.

  • Integrated Spa:
    One of the most aesthetically pleasing spa designs, an integrated spa is placed inside the pool in just about any area of the pool, including the center! This can create a truly unique design for your pool layout.
  • Attached Spa:
    An attached spa is a separate part of the pool spa combo. The attached spa can be any size, shape, style, or elevation. This gives it an unmatched customizability that no other spa design has.
  • Spillover Spa:
    A spillover spa brings the beautiful sounds of flowing water to your pool and spa installation. It does this by having an elevated spillway that the water can flow from. This flow has the added bonus of promoting flow for your overall pool installation which can reduce the hassle of maintenance.
  • Overflow Spa:
    Overflow spas are becoming popular because of the infinity edge outline it is designed with. The edge creates a constant flow of water as it spills into the pool, giving it a beautiful waterfall look.
At Pool Stop, we bring your pool design to life using our cutting edge 3D rendering technology. You will be able to see exactly what your pool and spa combo will look like in your own backyard. Whether you are upgrading your current swimming pool or in the process of building a new one, we make sure that your custom designed spa is the perfect addition.


We are Dallas’s premier custom pool builder, which means our talented team of pool designers can construct a variety of pool and spa styles to fit your aesthetic! There are endless pool and spa combo styles in the DFW metroplex, and our design team’s 20+ years of experience gives us a creative edge when it comes to creating your pool design. Contact us today to start creating the swimming pool and spa combo of your dreams!

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