L Shape Pools

L-Shape Pools: The Unique Version of the Classic Rectangular Pool

drone image of L-shaped pool in backyard

Looking for a classic pool shape with a little bit of pizzazz? The L-shaped pool is a great and unique choice! Having all of the advantages that come with a straight-line pool and more, the L-shape is a perfect pool design that stands out from the crowd. There are two types of L-shape pools: geometric and “Lazy Ls”. The geometric L-shape has hard, defined lines, like the letter “L”, and the “Lazy Ls” are more curved and natural in shape. Since straight-lined pools are so common, try straying from the norm with an L-shape.

Versatility of the L-Shape Design

The most obvious benefit to having an L-shaped pool over a straight-lined pool is that there are clearly two defined areas. What to do with those areas is completely up to you, and will depend on your wants and needs! There are a few ways Pool Stop recommends going about the separation:

  • Have a Designated Shallow End

The tail of the L could be a designated shallow end. This could be for your little ones to splash comfortably in their own area, or for your pool to have a lounging area separate from the lap pool. This way, you get the best of both worlds– a deep end for diving and a shallow end for cooling off. This is a great solution for a family of mixed ages who all want to enjoy summer fun.

  • Use the Space for Stairs

If you want a spacious area for swimming, think about having the pool steps in the tail of the L-shape. Stairs can feel like they take up a lot of space or get in the way of certain activities. By having the L-shape, you don’t need to trade in stairs for a ladder or compromise your swimming space. You could even have an elongated top step for adding ledge loungers and a tanning area!

  • Add an Inground Spa

Thinking about adding extra relaxation to your personal paradise? The L-shape is perfect for adding an inground spa to your pool. When you’re finished with your laps, swim over to the other end to heal your muscles and body from your hard work.

L-shape pool with water and fire features

Which Backyards Are Best for L-Shape Pools?

L-shaped pools are a great choice when you are looking to fill the space of your modernized backyard. With the different design options you can choose from, your dream Dallas pool will be catered to your needs exactly. No matter the size of your yard, the L-shape will open it up and give it more dimension than you could have ever imagined. It also allows for more options to add extra features to your pool or yard.

Increased Property Values in Dallas, TX

One of the best benefits of having an L-shape is that it’s different from the most classic straight-line pool. With Dallas’s heat, you may notice that many houses in your neighborhood have an inground pool. Most likely, having an L-shape will differentiate yours from the rest of them. Of course it’s great to be unique, but this will also benefit you if and when it comes to selling your house down the road.

If you’re ready to begin building your inground pool, you’ve come to the right place! Pool Stop is the #1 pool installer for DFW and its surrounding areas. We take pride in our work, and how fast our construction process is compared to other Dallas pool installers. We hope that we have inspired you to be different from the rest and consider choosing an L-shape pool design for your new inground pool. Contact us at Pool Stop today for a free quote and to learn more about our offerings!

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