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Geometric Pools: A Modern, Stylistic Pool Shape for the 21st Century

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At Pool Stop, we believe that a custom swimming pool should be much more than just a place to cool off in the summer. It should be a statement piece that stands out while perfectly complementing your outdoor living space. For homeowners looking to achieve this goal, the geometric pool shape is the perfect option to fulfill their dream of constructing a backyard oasis. Spacious, modern, and utterly breathtaking, geometric pools have a host of amazing features that make them a compelling choice for homeowners who want a unique centerpiece for their backyard. Let’s learn more about why this amazing pool shape might be the right choice for you!

A Striking Geometric Design to Complement Your Dallas Home

The main reason thousands of homeowners across DFW decide on a geometric pool is because they simply look incredible. Geometric pools got their name from their linear shape, which is typically made up of differently sized squares and rectangles. What results is a striking, ultra-modern design that is anything but conventional. If you own a home with a modern exterior, building a geometric pool in your backyard is a great way to accentuate the styling of your home. Plus, geometric pools can look incredible with custom outdoor pool lighting, which can create a beautiful appearance for your pool at night.

Plenty of Space for Outdoor Living in DFW

Since geometric pools are typically the largest pool shape that we build in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, there is an equally large amount of space inside! Homes with spacious backyards benefit greatly from a geometric pool because they cover a lot of land. They can also be customized to fit around existing patios and walkways. The wide layout of geometric pools allows for the whole family to enjoy the pool at the same time. These pools have ample space for swimming laps, diving, sunbathing, and many more activities. With a geometric pool built by our pool-building team, hosting your next pool party will be a breeze!

Geometric Pools Are Highly Configurable and Customizable

The spacious characteristics of a geometric pool make them great for hosting pool parties, but they are also perfect for customization. Adding features such as waterfalls, tanning ledges, and spas is easy to accomplish with geometric pools thanks to the large amount of space that they occupy. Most geometric pools have an asymmetrical shape that includes multiple sections where various swimming pool features can be installed. One popular feature that can often be found on geometric pools is a vanishing edge. Also known as an infinity pool, a vanishing ledge is where a section of the pool’s wall is level with the water. This feature creates the illusion that it looks like you are swimming at the edge of the world.

Geometric pools offer a wide range of benefits, many of which cannot be obtained with any other pool shape. If you’re in the market for a modern swimming pool with plenty of space and customization options, the geometric pool shape will deliver. Our team at Pool Stop is here to help you create the perfect pool; schedule a consultation with our experts today.

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