Free Form Pools

Free Form Pools: Embracing Natural Elegance and Custom Designs

image of a free form pool with a hot tub, tanning ledge, and water slide

The Most Customizable Pool Style for Dallas, TX

The most notable benefit of a freeform pool is its ability to fit in with its natural surroundings. By including soft and flowing lines, free-form swimming pools seamlessly harmonize with the landscape, complimenting your backyard style. Whether you have a garden, a stone outcrop, or just a natural sloping yard, building a free-form pool adapts to and improves any backyard, creating a cohesive and stunning environment.

Natural Aesthetics of Free-Form Swimming Pools

The main appeal of a Dallas freeform pool is its versatility. Unlike standard rectangular pools, free-form pools have endless potential in every aspect. They can be specifically shaped to accustom bridges for larger pools, accessories like water slides, and of course, hot tubs. We’ll work with you to create a customized pool shape that suits the exact size and style of your backyard. Pool Stop’s swimming pool customizability gives Dallas free-form pools an enjoyable aesthetic. The natural design takes the rigidity out of Dallas living and replaces it with relaxation. The curves in a free-form pool contribute to this relaxation by giving your pool an organic feel, like it was always meant to be yours.

pool with installed color changing LED lights braziers and water slide

Safety and Efficiency benefits of Dallas freeform pools

Free-form pools have the ability to be formed in any shape traditionally having smooth curves instead of the sharp corners of a rectangular pool. This gives free-form pools convenient safety perks like:

  • Curving edges: Free-form pools have the design flexibility to use nothing but curved edges for the outline of the pool. These edges are less dangerous to kids and animals because they aren’t as sharp as a standard rectangular swimming pool
  • Customizable options: Free-form pools have flexibility when it comes to the depth of the pool. These pools can have a very shallow section that makes the pool more accessible to children, the elderly, and disabled individuals.
  • Smooth ledges: When creating ledges, the corner between the shallow ledge of the pool and the drop-off is sharp in other pools. Free-form pools can dull that edge to be more of a curve so that no accidents happen underwater. The ledges are also customizable in placement, allowing for break areas placed around the pool for people to sit without having to worry about swimming.
  • Enhanced visibility: The adaptability of a free-form swimming pool gives additional options for visibility of your surroundings. You can add an infinity ledge to your free-form pool design to give it a luxurious feeling.

These safety features aren’t available to rectangular pools due to space issues. As stated in the name, free-form pools optimize their design by forming into the space in which they are installed. Pool Stop’s custom pools are made to fit the imagination of the designer, which makes us Dallas’s premier free-form pool builder.

Dallas Free Form Pool Builders:

Dallas free-form pools are more than an unrestrained pool design. They are a versatile expression of your home and its beauty mixed with the naturally pleasing theme of its surroundings. With its unique customizability, free-form swimming pools bring an unparalleled feeling of tranquility and relaxation to your backyard. So if you’re looking for a safe, efficient, and natural expression of your home, contact Dallas’s experts at free-form pool building today.

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