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Custom Pool Shape: Dream Big, Splash More

aerial view of Custom shaped pool with garden

Pool Stop has a variety of pool shapes to choose from: straight-line, L-shape, geometric, kidney and freeform. But what if you don’t think any of those fit with your backyard? No problem! Pool Stop offers a custom pool shape option, where we will work with you to design the shape and construct the pool of your dreams. It’s also a great way to keep your yard unique when many have pools in the Dallas area.

How to Choose the Right Pool Shape For You

There are many factors to consider when choosing the shape of your new inground pool. One being the shape and size of your backyard. Do you have a large backyard and want to build a large pool to fill it? Or a small pool to cover some of the space so you have more room for other activities? Another factor to think about is what your intentions for usage of the pool are. Do you want a long pool to swim laps in? A shallow pool for tanning and cooling off? Once you have some ideas of what you want and what you’re looking for, we can start creating mock-up shapes for your review.

Custom shaped pool with hot tub and water fountain

Which Pool Shapes Are Best For Your Needs

If you decide to build a more rectangular or geometric shaped pool, these are best for those who want their pool to be used for fitness or similar activities. Though the length and size are great and spacious, their sharp edges are something to consider if building a family pool. To avoid this issue, kidney or freeform pools are definitely a better choice. The custom pool option on the other hand can give you the best of both worlds! No matter the shape or size that you have in mind, we’ve got you covered. We strive to bring your dream DFW pool to life so you can spend your days happily splashing away.

Custom pool with golf green backyard

Benefits of Having a Custom Pool Shape

The most obvious benefit to designing your own pool shape is the uniqueness of it. It will cater to your backyard and personal needs, and there won’t be any other Dallas pool like it. Some other benefits include:

  • Creating the shape based on other features you want to have in your pool or backyard like a slide, waterfall, hot tub, gazebo, etc.
  • Matching your pool to your backyard’s landscape or vice versa. You can ensure that your personal paradise is cohesive and exactly how you want it.
  • Having an amazing outdoors space to host an event! Whether it’s a children’s pool party or adult cocktail hour, your backyard oasis will be one you want to show off.

Custom pool shape is an option that allows us to cater to everyone. We are so excited to see what our customers come up with, and even more so to bring it to fruition. What are you waiting for? Contact us at Pool Stop today for a free quote, or visit our website for more information.

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